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A household or a workspace is unable to function efficiently without a properly functioning plumbing system, which is why you should resolve any issues promptly by using PJN’s Plumber in Concord. Operating since 2013 and having more than 13 year’s worth of experience, PJN Plumbing has gained a reputation for their effective Plumber in Concord. The plumbers at PJN Plumbing are friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable and can perform all sorts of plumbing related tasks. If you’re not sure what procedure you should select for a specific plumbing issue at home or work, do not worry; our plumbers will deal with it for you. Courteous and making sure that all our customers are satisfied with their services, our plumbers will almost instantaneously get rid of any plumbing issues you might have. They have the ability to detect the root cause of the issue, and get rid of it efficiently.

Plumber Concord

Burst Pipes Plumber Concord

Burst pipes are one of the more common issues that homeowners may face however, there’s no need to fret over them; these issues can easily be fixed by a Plumber Concord. For such issues, it’s important to locate the root cause of the problem, and that’s exactly what the plumbers at Award One Group do. Locating the cause helps our professional plumbers eliminate the problem easily and effectively. By using high quality instruments and materials, our plumbers will easily locate a burst pipe in your household, even if it’s in the nooks and crannies of your house or hidden behind a wall.

A few signs of a burst pipe that should jolt you into contacting a Plumber Concord are:

  • Damp patches appearing on your wall, along with mould
  • Hissing or weird sounds emitting from taps or pipes
  • Low water pressure

Hot Water Plumber Concord

Although we offer a variety of services, one of the main specialties of our Plumber in Concord at PJN Plumbing is hot water services. As a homeowner, you should instantly call a plumber if you ever experience the following signs in your home:

  • There is no proper heating of your water, and little to no hot water comes through the taps
  • Your taps have discoloured water coming from them
  • There is water constantly dripping from the tank, and pooling on the floor below

Our skilled and proficient plumbers will find the root cause for these hot water problems, and will instantly repair, maintain, or service your hot water systems. At PJN Plumbing, we always listen to our customers’ requirements and take their needs into account so that we can help service them and take on the project in a more efficient and professional manner.

Interested in using our experienced Plumber in Concord for all your plumbing needs? For further details or to book an appointment for yourself, you can call us today. Our friendly team cannot wait to discuss your plumbing needs further!